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Alexander M. Huber

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland.

Alkis Psaltis

Head of Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Professor at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Konstantina Stankovic

MD, PhD, FACS is a Harvard-trained ear and skull base surgeon and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology-trained auditory neuroscientist.

Jacqui Allen

Honorary Associate Professor Laryngologist practicing in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fazil Apaydin

Professor at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Ege University in Izmir, Turkey.

Daniel Simmen

MD Lecturer in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery. Former head of the Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Unit at the University Clinic in Zürich Switzerland.

Matthew L. Carlson

Professor of Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota.