Academic Sessions

Session Descriptions

BACO International 2018 had a new and innovative structure to meet the needs of all delegates.

Update Sessions
These sessions were provided by all the major societies, with brief presentations updating delegates on the latest in paediatrics, otology, skull base, rhinology, head and neck, laryngology and facial plastics.  There were three to four presentations followed by a Q&A session. At the end of the session the delegate had gained key knowledge about the latest updates for that sub-specialty.  These sessions ran sequentially through the programme and did not overlap. Thus, the generalist attended (if this wished) all seven 60 minute sessions across the three days gaining a broad update across the whole ENT.  This was also ideal for sub-specialists who wanted to get updates in other areas.

Keynote Sessions
Each major sub-specialty had one international keynote speaker who gave a 30 minute address about a key topic in the sub-specialty.   These were key international opinion leaders in the sub-specialty, and set the tone for the 90 minute session with complementary talks from other leading sub-specialists and a panel discussion debating key issues across the topic.  These sessions were of particular interest for those with an interest in this sub-specialist area, and those with an interest in the more general topics presented.

Collaborative Sessions
In keeping with the theme of collaboration for BACO International, the programme brought together two specialty societies for collaborative sessions to explore common areas of interest.  The different perspective on these topics were presented by the members of the sub-specialties set up the opportunity for a fascinating panel discussion.   Two relevant free papers, selected from the best of the abstracts were presented.  These 90 minute sessions were of particular interest to those with an interest in the sub-specialty area.

Each of the major sub-specialties had a number of symposia, offering the opportunity to discuss at greater length important topics across the sub-specialty.  Topics were presented by leading sub-specialists and panel discussions who helped develop key areas and enhance audience involvement.  Two relevant free papers selected from the best of the abstracts were presented.

International Symposia
Brazil and India are the two guest countries who were invited to present their work at BACO International.  The respective national associations (Brazilian Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Indian Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Association of Otolaryngologists of India) hosted these sessions, presenting a superb opportunity for networking.

Cadaveric Sessions
These sessions were designed to demonstrate surgical steps for chosen procedures by renowned experts on fresh frozen cadavers and beamed to high definition screens across the venue. The dissection sessions catered to a wide variety of surgical interests.

Clinical Skills Sessions
As a highly successful and popular component of the programme, the clinical skill sessions were housed in the conference centre. This allowed surgeons of all grades to receive “hands on” training on a variety of simulation stations, most of which were updated to reflect current practice and innovations in technology