Mr Mike Rothera

Mr Mike Rothera

Yearsley Lecture: ‘Teaching, Teachers and the Phoenix Effect’

I trained at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and then at the London Hospital, the RNTNE Hospital, UCH and the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford before moving to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Salford Royal Hospital in 1987.

I visited Trevor McGill at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Robin Cotton in Cincinnati on a Lionel Colledge Fellowship the same year.

My main interest has been Paediatric ENT but like many of my generation I was trained in all aspects of the speciality and for the first 15 years as a consultant practiced in all areas.

Now I spend half of my time at RMCH with specialist paediatrics, but I also have and adult airway practice and an otology and implant service.

Teaching has been a lifelong passion which still takes up a good proportion of my working day.

This lecture is a very personal reflection on the importance of teaching and mentorship in my career, what I have learnt from some inspirational teachers and why I think it should remain a central tenet of the NHS. In fact, why it is vital for the future of that organisation, which was launched by Aneurin Bevan 70 years ago this week at Trafford Hospital here in Manchester.