Mr Elgan Davies

Mr Elgan Davies

Elgan Davies has been practising as a consultant ENT Surgeon in the UK for 26 years after training in Wales, England, Scotland with an overseas Otology fellowship at UCSF California.

As a consultant he developed the use of powered instrumentation and advanced surgical techniques in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, setting up the first UK centre to provide entirely endoscopic pituitary surgery.

He is recognised as a guest speaker and faculty member on a variety of National and International sinus surgery courses, demonstrating cadaver dissection and live surgery.

Other duties have included council membership of the Royal Society of Medicine, ENTUK, Independent Practice Committee, and secretary of the British Rhinological Society.

He has been a longstanding member of the regional specialty training and education committee and advised guidelines for the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

His current practice involves mostly rhinology, but he still maintains regular surgery for otosclerosis and chronic ear disease.