Instructional Session: ISW8

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 16.45-17.45

All the mistakes we’ve made taking the endoscope-i from concept to global dominance

Speaker: Mr Chris CoulsonCEO, endoscope-i, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Most doctors have range of ideas, stuck in the back of their minds, of novel devices that will assist in patient management. The issues involved in taking a concept through funding, prototyping, trialling, regulation, production, distribution and  aftersales often puts people off pursuing their innovation. endoscope-i has been down this path over the last 6 years, progressing their concept to 3000 worldwide sales, including a foray into professional cycling and designing otology pop up shops.  This instructional session is designed to allay many of the fears innovators have through a detailed analysis of everything we have mucked up (and there is a lot).

We will discuss product design, 3d printing, app development, injection moulding, exporting to Russia, Tour de France, fulfilment centres, websites, awkward customers, TV exposes, CQC regulation and bashing your head against the NHS brick wall.

Learning outcomes: We anticipate that attendees will leave enthused that anything is possible, with the knowledge of how to avoid common pitfalls, how to start off on the correct track and what to do when problems happen.

This session is aimed at anyone with an interest in advancing medicine, all grades of doctors, nurses, speech therapists and audiologist.