Instructional Session: ISW7

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 16.45-17.45

Management of Olfactory and Gustatory Disorders

Carl Philpott, ENT UK; BRS; BOARS; NIHR CRN Specialty Group; UEA

Overall objective: To provide a contemporary review of the diagnostic work up and treatment options available for clinicians managing Smell & Taste disorders.

Will include reference to the International Position Paper on Olfactory Dysfunction and a look at results from the latest clinical trials in this area. The session will also include a practical demonstration of the Sniffin’ Sticks olfactory test as well as taste tests and the retronasal olfactory test.

Learning outcomes:
1. To provide participants with a framework for managing olfactory and gustatory disorders
2. To reflect on the current evidence available for treatments
3. To become familiar with some psychophysical tests of olfaction and gustation

The session is aimed at any ENT clinician interested in improving their knowledge in this area.