Instructional Session: ISW2

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 16.45-17.45

Applying for fellowships

Catherine Rennie, FRCS ORL-NHS, ENT-UK

The aim of this session is to make ENT trainees aware of the wide variety of fellowship options available to them across all subspecialties, to discuss the benefits of doing a fellowship, to provide information on how and when to apply for fellowship, to discuss funding sources available. I will discuss my decision making process on which fellowships I applied for and outline and what I have gained through my RCS Rhinology fellowship.

Outline of the session

This session will be lecture based with questions at the end and there are no pre-requisites to attending the session.

Learning outcomes

This session is most useful to ENT trainees approaching the end of training and thinking about doing a fellowship, the areas covered will be as follows:

  • What are your fellowship options?
  • Why do a fellowship?
  • Is a fellowship for you?
  • When to do your fellowship?
  • UK or abroad?
  • How to find your fellowship?
  • When to apply?
  • Applying through the American matching scheme.
  • Funding for fellowships
  • Scholarships available?
  • Fellowship interviews
  • My personal decision making process
  • My experience as a fellow

My colleagues who were H&N, Airway, Paediatric ENT and Otology fellows will also give a brief overview of their fellowship and by open for Q&A at the end of the session.