Instructional Session: ISW19

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 16.45-17.45

Efficiency, productivity and safety – engineering a better value service

Deepak Gupta, Rishi Shukla, Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Swindon

Overall Objective
1. Understanding efficiency, productivity, effectiveness and quality, including benchmarking.
2. Quantifying the connection between safety and productivity.
3. Comparing healthcare to other industries.
4. Defining the reasons restraining enhanced productivity.
5. Identifying the applications of the above to our own practice – why we do what we do and what can we do differently.
6. Unearthing ways of improving our service.

Outline of the session
1. The tutorial is in a workshop format with a brief interactive talk about efficiency, productivity and effectiveness, followed by an open discussion and table exercises, with special application to ear, nose and throat service. There are no pre-requisites for the session.

Learning outcomes
Understanding efficiency, productivity and safety and referencing them to our own practice.
Today the practice of medicine is becoming increasingly defensive, leading to decreased productivity. There are various reasons for this but to have a sustainable health service we do need to move towards a more effective service. We hope that this workshop will give attendees an understanding of the parameters, help them identify the factors restraining increased productivity and suggest local and systemic solutions for improvement. Our hope is to stimulate discussion with a mushrooming effect on productivity without sacrificing safety.

The session is aimed at all healthcare professionals – consultants, specialty doctors, trainees, managers, nurses, physicians’ associates and others.