Instructional Session: ISW16

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 16.45-17.45

Occupational hazards affecting ENT surgeons – how to maintain a healthy career

Ananth Vijendren, Health Education East of England; University of Antwerp
Uttam Shiralkar, Worcestershire Health and Care Trust
Matthew Yung, Ipswich Hospitals Trust

1. Overall objective:
Occupational health issues affect 70% of ENT surgeons in the UK. The main objective of this instructional session is to highlight the commonest problems and the evidence-based strategies in minimizing the risks.

2. Outline of session:
The session would consist of three short talks on the commonest occupational hazards, interspersed with practical elements. Mr Matthew Yung would begin with an introduction on the common work-related illnesses from a national survey. Mr Uttam Shiralkar will then explore the effects of stress, burnout and psychological disorders within our daily work, while outlining available coping mechanisms and strategies. Mr Ananth Vijendren will discuss work-related musculoskeletal disorders with focus on ergonomic positioning and intraoperative microbreaks. Participants will be taught on how to perform simple exercises to relax their posture during prolonged operating periods. No pre-requisites are necessary for attending this session.

3. Learning outcomes:
We believe that this session will educate members of the specialty on the hazards they are likely to face as part of their routine work. Our 2014 national survey has shown that this can have significant bearings on their personal health and career with risks of early retirement. We are hoping to empower the attendees with the knowledge and expertise to reduce these risks and arrest adverse posturing at all stages.

4. Who the session is aimed at:
This will benefit those who are starting their career in ENT as well as those who have already experienced physical and mental issues related to their work.