Instructional Session: ISW14

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 16.45-17.45

ENT Medical Training Initiative scheme for trainees and local/regional sponsors. How does it work in practice? Questions and answers session.

Manuela Cresswell, Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust; Association of Otolaryngologists in Training

a. Overall objective:
To provide an overview of Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme for ENT and generate open forum to discuss how MTI works for trainees and sponsors.

b. Outline of the session:
Brief overview presentation of MTI scheme. There will be an emphasis on what are the benefits of hiring MTI trainees and how to set up sponsorship placements locally/regionally. This will be followed by a Q&A session with Professor Nirmal Kumar (MTI lead ENTUK), Janet Stephen (Education administrator ENTUK), Manuela Cresswell (MTI mentor to AOT) and previous MTI trainees.

c. Learning outcomes:
1. Understand MTI scheme set up, sponsorship process and how does it work in practice.
2. Explore opportunities for MTI trainees and benefits to local/regional centres sponsoring scheme.
3. Provide an open forum discussion regarding the benefits and potential difficulties of sponsoring MTI trainees.
4. Networking opportunity for MTI trainees and sponsors.

d. Who the session is aimed at:
MTI trainees, ENT consultants.