Immuno-Oncology: What do we need to know?

Session 30
Immuno-Oncology: What do we need to know? – sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb
Thursday 5 July, 08.00-09.00

Immunotherapy harnesses the patients own immune system to kill cancer cells. In this hour meeting we will ask experts to explain the different approaches employed and the evidence that has been generated to support practice change.

Immunotherapy is NICE approved for treating head and neck cancer patients. We will learn which patients can be given immunotherapy, and who is likely to benefit from it. We will also hear about new strategies being investigated to tip the balance in favour of the patient, using tobacco plants to treat cancer!

Chair: Miss Emma King


Immunotherapy: what does it mean and what does it do?
Dr Martin Forster

When do we use immunotherapy in our practice: NICE guidelines and evidence?
Dr Olly Donnelly

The tobacco plant: A double-edged sword?
Dr Natalia Savelyeva