E-lefENT: Official Relaunch: making e-learning work for you

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 15.15-16.15

e-lefENT is ENTUK’s e-learning platform. We are delighted to launch our new website with enhanced educational capability. We will discuss the importance of e-learning throughout your career, demonstrate how to get the most out of the new platform as well as showcasing virtual classroom and mixed reality technology.

  • Understand how e-learning can deliver continuing education at all stages of your career.
  • Learn how to effectively navigate and gain the most out of e-lefENT’s new platform.
  • Appreciate the utility of a virtual classroom in delivering teaching.
  • Increase awareness of the potential for mixed realty Hololens technology to enhance learning.

Chair: Mr James Tysome, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Cambridge University Hospitals


E-lefENT: The heart of ENTUK’s education strategy
Mr Andrew Robson, Chair, ENT UK Education and Training Committee; Consultant ENT Surgeon, North Cumbria, UK

E-lefENT: Making it work for you
Mr Declan Costello

Virtual classroom: courses of the future
Miss Victoria Ward

Hololens: a view into the future
Dr Agnieszka StrzemboszInternational Medical Affairs Director, Medtronic ENT

Panel discussion on elearning as the future of education