Dr Ruth Epstein

Dr Ruth Epstein

Dr Ruth Epstein is Head of Speech-Language Therapy Services and Consultant Speech-Language Therapist (ENT) at the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital, London, UCL Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

She holds various honorary fellowships and Senior Clinical Lecturer positions at the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science UCL, and other academic institutions in the UK and abroad.

Dr Epstein founded a successful MSc course in Voice Pathology in 2003 at University College London and is the immediate past President of the British Voice Association.

She is an elected member of CoMeT, Collegium Medicorum Theatri, the international association of laryngologists, voice scientists and speech pathologists, and is on the Board of the World Voice Consortium.

Dr Epstein has published extensively on various aspects of voice and voice therapy; her special interests are professional voice users, occupational dysphonia and neurolaryngology.