Because sound matters

Session 29
Because sound matters – sponsored by Oticon Medical
Thursday 5 July, 08.00-08.45


This symposium will cover latest clinical results and developments of the Oticon Medical implantable systems, including the Neuro cochlear implant system and the Ponto bone anchored system.

Three talks will focus on cochlear implants and the Neuro system. Mr. Anirvan Banerjee will give an update on the experience with the Neuro Zti implant. The latest clinical results from a clinical trial of the Neuro 2 sound processor, showing among many other positives excellent speech-in-noise performance, will be presented by Dr Dan Gnansia. Ms. Rupan Banga will give an update on the benefits of treating the older cochlear implant patients.

For bone anchored devices, Ms Ann-Louise McDermott will present the long-term results of children treated with bone anchored implants, and how the results have improved over time with refined surgical techniques and implant technologies. Understanding patients and supporting the professionals are two of our key values. Based on research and together with professionals, Oticon Medical has developed new tools to help in the important pre-operative evaluation period. These tools, as well as a glimpse into future bone anchored technologies, will be presented by Mr. Marcus Holmberg.

Who should attend?

A must attend event for all ENT Surgeons who treat and manage patients suffering from hearing loss.

Learning goals:

  • Understand the benefits of CI for the older patient suffering profound hearing loss
  • Discover unique outcomes and benefits of the Neuro CI system from the UK and around the globe
  • Gain a full historical update on bone anchored implant and surgical development over time plus the benefits of latest techniques and systems
  • Participants will learn more about new tools available to them to be used in the counselling and evaluation phase of bone anchored devices

Chair: Mr Anirvan Banerjee Consultant ENT Surgeon, James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough; Director, North East Regional Cochlear Implant Programme, Speciality Group Lead for ENT NIHR Clinical Research Network North East & North Cumbria


Cochlear Implants

The benefits of treating the older CI patient
Rupan Banga- Consultant ENT Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham, UK

Neuro Zti an evolutionary CI implant
Mr Anirvan Banerjee, Consultant ENT Surgeon, James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK

Neuro 2 global clinical outcomes
Mr Dan Gnansia , Senior Director, Clinical Research, CI, Oticon Medical, Nice, France


Bone Anchored hearing Systems

History of paediatric BA implants and results
Annlouise McDermott Consultant ENT Surgeon Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, UK

Supporting the bone anchored patient’s journey       
Marcus Holmberg, Senior Director, Clinical Affairs, BAHS, Oticon Medical, Sweden